10 tips on how to keep your email list healthy and tidy

Enriching your email list is not an easy thing to do. It gets messy with time, as people change workplaces, abandon the emails and so on. This is natural and doesn’t depend much on you, however, you may focus on making a growth rate higher compared to a loss rate.

Your list can’t be perfect, but you should do your best to enrich it with the right audience and to clean it regularly. It may sound like it’s hard to do, but here are some tips which will help you:

1. Verify your list accuracy

If you use the right tool, this is simple. For instance, TrueMail email verifying tool helps to check if the email addresses in your list are valid and correct. It helps to maintain your sender score high, which means more people will receive your messages and the chances you will end up in spam folder are lower.

2. Put in order your content to avoid getting to spam

To restore your sending reputation after you’re marked as a spammer isn’t easy. To avoid this, you need to follow best practices. For instance, get rid of such words as ‘buy’, ‘free’, ‘apply now’, ‘bargain’, ‘lowest price’, and many more. They are known as spam filter traps.

3. Make it simple to sign up

Maybe it sounds obvious, but in reality, it’s one of the biggest mistakes companies make. You should include sign-up forms for your email list literally everywhere - all over your website and in each of your emails.

4. Make quality content

You should make content of high quality so that your readers find it relevant and interesting. It will help you catch attention from social media sites and Google results.

5. Make the double opt-in

Clean lists guarantee your followers are real and are interested in having them confirm in their mailbox they want to sign up. Confirmed followers are less likely to mark your emails as spam. The double opt-in increases the quality of your email list, which is very important.

6. Always ask to share

Include a call-to-action in your emails encouraging people to share the content with friends. This is a common thing with articles or blog posts, but not with emails. If you have good content, people will naturally want to share it.

7. Focus on making really amazing content

Natural growth always starts with the content you make. It must be unique and interesting so that people look forward to your emails. They should love…no, they should adore your content!

8. Revitalize your old list with the help of opt-in campaigns

If your list got old, the best decision would be to create an opt-in email with a call-to-action for people to re-opt in. Make it clear in this email that those who don’t reply will be removed.

You may ask how removing the people from your list can help to grow it, however, it will help to leave only the subscribers who are interested in your content. Doing so increases deliverability, thus your letters are received by a bigger amount of people.

9. Check your list for errors

Here are some examples of emails you should get rid of. By the way, Ctrl + F will help greatly with that:

1. Delete errors such as cindy@yaoo.com, bob@alo.com, and rory@gmailcom.

2. Erase any mass distribution email address like support@company.com, developer@company.com, or emails with the word “spam” in them.

10. Get Some Critical Feedback

To keep a list clean you should maintain your audience engaged. Always ask for feedback, so that you can improve your content. Try to do it at the end of every your email.

Ask your subscribers what they would like to read about and how often they want to get emails from you.

So, growing a clean email list is one of the most effective marketing practices your company can make. If you periodically clean your list with tools like TrueMail, concentrate on creating awesome content, make it simple to sign up and share your content, - and you will be on your way to more engagement.

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