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12 Golden Rules of Email Marketing

Billions of dollars are made with the help of email marketing every year. Some say that email is dead, but actually, it’s more than just alive, it is flourishing.

Here we share 12 golden rules of email marketing so so that you can profit even more than before!

1. Email Often

One of the key rules of email marketing – to email as often as possible. Many marketers send emails to their list once a month. Some send weekly, but very few marketers realize the power of sending emails to their list every day. If you want to increase your profitability, we advise sending emails daily, which will strengthen the relationship you have with your followers.

2. Subject Lines Are Vital

Filling in the subject is important for successful email marketing campaigns. That’s barely possible your email will be read without a compelling subject, so you will not get any results. Subject lines help to make your subscribers curious about what you are going to offer. What should you write in the headlines? First of all, include your reader’s name. Keep your subject line short but bright. About 50 characters will work perfectly. Avoid All CAPS! IT DOESN’T LOOK GOOD.

3. Include A Link In Every Email

Usually, each email you send has an only link already. The unsubscribe link. Many people are used to opening a letter and clicking a link, so this will be an unsubscribe link if only you don’t include some another one. If you don’t have something new to promote, ask your subscribers to follow you on one of your social media webs like LinkedIn or Facebook.

4. The More You Tell The More You Sell

Usually, long letters perform better, so don’t be afraid of writing them. Also with long emails you can include multiple calls to action and links, which will benefit your click-through rate.

5. Make the text readable

Divide your text into short paragraphs. The one who you are writing to probably has tens of other emails in their mailboxes. That’s why your emails should be easy to read. Use short paragraphs and spaces as much as possible to make the text easy for eyes. Add some accents to you mail also using underlining words, italics, bold.

6. Bullets are Your Friend

Wonder why?

• They are easy to read

• You can write bullets about anything

• They look cool

Now you see that bullets are fun?

Bullets work great to present your product, so don’t be afraid of using them.

7. Never Send From a “noreply” Email Address

Probably the worst mistake you can make in your mail campaign is to send from “noreply” address.

Use your real email address, so that the readers know you check it and can contact you. This way you establish open and trustful communication between you and your subscriber. As a consequence, more people read your emails.

8. You Don’t Need a Big List For Good Results

No matter how big is your list, if you send regularly – that’s still will be effective.

9. Clean Your List

Minimize your expenses by sending only to valid emails. Lots of email addresses can already be “dead’, so you better validate your list regularly to get rid of the emails which are no longer in use. This is easy to do using an email verification tool.

10. Be Yourself

Add some character to your message. People tend to trust more if they feel they are talking to a real person. Include a couple of sentences about some news about you, so that people know you are not just a robot.

11. Include a Call to Action to your message

To make people buy your product, you should be specific about what you want them to do. For example, ask them to visit your website by saying Here’s the link: [Link].

12. Make a Bold Postscript

The postscript is an important part of an email. Make the P.S. bold so that it catches the attention. Then, repeat your call to action, increasing the chance your reader will follow the link.

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Email verifier guaranteed up to 99% delivery emails

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If bounce more than 5%, we’ll refund the difference. Free to get started. No credit card required.