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5 Ways To Ensure Your Emails Won’t Bounce

Bounced emails are one of the worst things and email marketing campaign can face. Each bounced email means that a potential client won’t get your message.

Moreover, high bounce rate influences your email deliverability in a whole, therefore your campaign will fail too.

Ensuring your letters will never bounce is an essential part of running a prosperous email campaign. Below we will observe the difference between a soft and hard bounce and some tips on how to ensure your emails will never bounce.

Hard bounces and soft bounces.

Email bounce happens when an email you sent is dismissed by their expected recipient’s email server. The expression “bounce rate” means the estimation of the number of your receivers who didn’t get the email you sent.

We can divide email bounces into 2 groups:

1. Soft bounces. Typically mean a temporary delivery issue. May occur when:

  • Your recipient’s inbox is full
  • Your recipient’s email server is down
  • Your email is too big

2. Hard bounces. Such emails will never be delivered. May occur when:

  • The email address is invalid
  • The domain name doesn’t exist any longer
  • The mailbox is not active any longer

Reasons to make sure you email letters won’t bounce.

To tell you the truth, it’s hard to achieve that none of your emails bounces. However, there are some tips which will ensure you a very low bounce rate. Why is that important?

A low bounce rate is a sign of an email campaign of high quality, with good email list consists of active subscribers. While a high bounce rate is a sign of many issues in your campaign, for example of an email list of bad quality. top notch email crusade that has a mailing rundown made out of dynamic, drew in endorsers. Email marketing is not easy and you should avoid many mistakes which you can make.

Moreover, a high bounce rate can influence your email deliverability, as well. High bounce rate will cause a bad IP reputation and you have a chance to get to a blacklist.

5 ways to ensure your emails won’t bounce

Now you know what is bounce rate and know why you should keep it low. It’s time to learn what you can do so that your emails never bounce.

1. Get rid of hard bounces at once

Don’t hesitate, trying to fix it. They can never be fixed from your side. Therefore once you face a hard bounce, delete this email address from your list at once.

Soft bounces shouldn’t be deleted at once, however, after a specific point, they can cause risk and should also be deleted.

2. Verify emails

One of the most significant steps in the process of ensuring your emails won’t bounce, is to verify your email list. Email verification is very important for ensuring your emails are valid and accurate and your emails will get to your readers’ inboxes and not to spam folder.

To do so, you can use an email verification tool, such as TrueMail.io, for example.

3. Have an email list of people who want to be there

If your followers automatically subscribed onto your email list, they might now be very interested in hearing from you. You should have an opt-in system for subscribers so that they can confirm they want to be on your list. With such a feature, you will obtain a list of subscribers who want to get your emails – therefore you will receive lower bounce rates.

5. Send regular emails

You should send emails regularly so that your emails don’t bounce. When you send emails constantly, you increase the engagement, at the same time your bounce rate will be lower. But make sure you don’t overwhelm your readers so that they don’t send you to spam.

So, how does that work? When you regularly send emails, instead of sending once in a while, you will notice bounces sooner. People change email addresses, get their inboxes full and many other things that influence a bounce. That’s why better to catch them sooner rather than later.

6. Track your metrics

This is quite obvious, but still to be mentioned: you should always check your email deliverability. You have to monitor high bounce rates, low subscriber engagement and other issues which can ruin your campaign.

TrueMail – the best way to make sure your email won’t bounce.

If you feel you need a tool which will you clean your email list and leave only subscribers who will benefit you, sign up to TrueMail today.

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Email verifier guaranteed up to 99% delivery emails

Email verifier guaranteed up to 99% delivery emails

If bounce more than 5%, we’ll refund the difference. Free to get started. No credit card required.

If bounce more than 5%, we’ll refund the difference. Free to get started. No credit card required.