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Email Validation: Why Is It So Critical In Email Marketing

Email marketing now is a big need for businesses of different types and size, because email remains a primary communication channel.

Regardless of the formation of great email strategies, little amount of organisations use email validation. Invalid email accounts fill up your contact lists, waste your time and money, moreover sending to them means to get a bounce back. Even if you have a perfect marketing strategy, it’s destined to fail without quality email verification.

Focus on the audience that is interested in your emails.

 According to the Content Marketing Institute, email is used by 81% of B2B marketers for content marketing.

However, people change companies and their email addresses, and what happens then?

The poor quality of the list increases, as these email addresses and left by their holders.

Also, many companies gather emails from a mobile devices. However when the information is entered on a mobile, typos can be made, and this is only discovered later, when marketing emails are not delivered.

Such troubles prevent you from reaching your mail objectives. That’s why an updated and validated list of emails is essential for making the most effective marketing campaign.

According to Dmitriy Shulga, founder of the email verification service TrueMail, “Every day lots of emails are sent my internet marketers to their potential customers. And many of them are bouncing back, reducing the sender score, damaging your sender reputation, influencing how other mailbox providers see your IP address”

Dmitriy explains that sender score is crucial for email marketing campaign’s success. “When the sender score is high, the most of campaign letters will reach their destination. If the sender score is low, the letters will be either banned by the provider or marked as spam.”

What are the advantages of email verification?

Email verification, or email validation, is the best way to clean your list from invalid email addresses.

Email verification process includes real-time verification of contacts on your kist of emails. To verify your existing list in bulk is ideal for being sure your contacts are accurate.

The accurate and verified list with only valid emails will help you to get more profit from your marketing campaign.

1. Saving money.

The first benefit of the email address verification is money you can save. Every letter you send represents dollars spent, that’s why every marketing letter that goes to invalid email addresses – wasted money.

With an accurate, verified list, you’ll have a higher return on investment. Moreover, the statistics of your campaign won’t come back lower than you expected.

2. Efficient data analysis and division.

 The list full of invalid emails not only damage your campaign statistics, but also don’t provide any efficient data analysis for defining future engagement strategy, while this information is essential for your return on investment.

A verified email list enables you to understand who’s an active customer and who has used your company’s products before, and also much more. This gives a way to divide your email marketing strategy in future. You are able to send separate letters to each segment, making group members to come back or offering them updates related to their latest acquiring.

3. Improved reputation.

If your letters are bouncing back, the email providers begin to ban you from the services, so your reputation will be damaged.

You don’t want your brand to be associated with “spammer”, right? Therefore, email verification helps to keep your status as a honorable brand with your Email Service Provider and Internet Service Provider.

That’s why and email validation is so important process in your email marketing strategy for staying relevant and get as much profit from your campaign as possible. Otherwise, your messages will be sent in vain.

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Email verifier guaranteed up to 99% delivery emails

Email verifier guaranteed up to 99% delivery emails

If bounce more than 5%, we’ll refund the difference. Free to get started. No credit card required.

If bounce more than 5%, we’ll refund the difference. Free to get started. No credit card required.