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Few Gamification Ideas to your Marketing Campaign

Using gamification in your marketing strategy could significantly improve your engagement because your readers will look forward to getting emails from you. In general, as could be known from the name, gamification is the application of some game-design elements, which will add more fun to your messages.

If you don’t know how to include gamification into your strategy, we give you some examples to better understand the idea:

Make Users Play Actual Games

It usually keeps things easy when you build up a gamification marketing system. So, getting back to the nature of this concept, just include literal games to your emails to gamify them.

For example, use a digital board game to attract customers. When a client finishes the game, they get, for instance, to your site or to the order form. Of course, remember to include call to action. The game attracts the user’s attention, but as you still have to promote your product, don’t forget the call to action.

Use Passive Games

In the UK, Papa John’s ran a campaign where subscribers choose the soccer team they are fans of. Once the team they chose scored at least two times, they receive a 50% discount. This way the company connects to customers through their interests and hobbies, increasing brand loyalty and making them check their emails more often.

Usage of Social Sharing

You don’t only need to hook your excising customers, but you also need to get new ones. That’s why the following gamification strategy, very famous among a lot of brands, will be great to implement: offer some rewards to the clients who share your messages in social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram. It can be a discount code, for example, for both the person who advised you and for a referral.

Always remember you should include the clear call to action, which explains to the customers what they should do.

Create Contests

McDonald’s Monopoly campaign is one of the most successful marketing campaigns – customers can win money and other rewards, and to take part in it they have to buy McDonald’s products.

You can make something similar to that. One more good idea – to include a virtual scratch-off game in your messages, what will make clients more likely to read them.

Get More Subscribers

Many companies have implemented this strategy. When potential clients visit your website, hook them with a reward in exchange for their email. For example, a game stylized as a casino, which gives an opportunity to win a discount. Just let clients know that to play the game, they have to sign up for your email list. Then, you should use an email verification tool that confirms if the email is valid at the moment of entry. There’s not much sense in this strategy if the email entered is incorrect or invalid.

Games are an effective and simple way to keep your customers focused on your content and to attract their attention.

These pieces of advice give you a basic understanding of gamification marketing strategy and its’ importance, so don’t hesitate about making your content more fun and interesting.

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Email verifier guaranteed up to 99% delivery emails

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If bounce more than 5%, we’ll refund the difference. Free to get started. No credit card required.