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Why Being Frustrated With Your Email List Is Not Bad

We all realize that email marketing doesn’t work perfectly for everyone. Maybe, your email list doesn’t benefit you right now at all. You might feel that you invest more than you receive back. However, what if we say that being frustrated with your email list can be not the bad thing? Read what you can do to achieve your targets.

By a common statistic, for every dollar spent you get 44$ in return. But, of course, the truth is that it takes time, efforts and good strategy to reach that target and even more. What is the strategy? It consists of:

  • optimized content
  • clean email list
  • good sending plan

These points work as gears in one mechanism – if one doesn’t work good, it will slow down the whole process. It may not be easy to make sure everything works perfectly. Your bounce rate might be high. Or your call to actions don’t work. Your campaign reports may disappoint you. But that can only benefit, as it makes you review your strategy!

Here is some advice about how you can make your strategy better:


Writing the way people want to read you is not easy, for sure. Sometimes you just feel stuck, staring at the blank screen. Try to imagine that you are the one who receives the email, how you want it to look like?

Would this subject line make you click on it? If no, then what will make you click?

Does the email catch your attention from the very first line? Is it easy to read? Is it informative, but interesting at the same time?

Is the length acceptable?

Do you like call-to-action and you want to click on it to find out more?

Take more time to see how good are your emails and it will take you much closer to your target. Be honest with yourself, assume that you can be wrong in something, as this is the only way to improve ourselves. Read your email like you are your subscriber who got it.

If this doesn’t work as well and you still have difficulties with writing a good email – consider hiring a copywriter. There are many talented copywriters who will have you to create a dream email.

Clean email list

If your email list is messy and full of bad emails, even the perfect written email won’t help you to reach your target.

What do we call bad emails, which can harm your deliverability?

Invalid email addresses.

Often people make typos in their email addresses while signing up. To prevent that, use our email verification API to validate emails at the stage of signing up. Your bounce rate will get lower!

Spam traps.

There is no sense to sending to these emails, as there is no one on another end. Such emails don’t belong to excising people, these are the addresses which were abandoned by their owners and became traps to entice spammers and block them.

Abuse emails.

Such email addresses belong to people who often tick emails they receive as spam. They can do it even without reason, for example, if they consider your subject line boring, or they forgot they subscribed to your delivery. They mark such emails as spam easily. But the issue is, when your emails often marked as spam, Internet Service Providers will consider you as a spammer and will block your next emails from reaching your followers. Therefore your messages won’t be delivered, and they will be buried in the Spam folder.

There are many other kinds of bad emails which influence your deliverability – catch-all, disposable, duplicate emails, which only waste your money.

The good thing is that it’s easy to get rid of them with the help of email verifier which can validate the whole your list of emails in bulk.

A good sending plan

What is important for it?

First of all – define the right day, time and frequency of sending your emails, and then – be consistent.

There is the common statistic that the best days for sending an email is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. However to understand which are your best days, at first you need to try different options. For example, for some Sundays work really good, as sometimes people don’t have much time during the hectic week to concentrate on a good article or offer, while on the weekend there are more chances.

So, the best way to find out your perfect day is to run a few tests. You can even ask your followers on what day they would like to receive your emails.

But once you found the perfect day – you should stick with it.

This is essential to send your emails on the same day weekly or monthly because people forget about you and even unsubscribe if you don’t send to them on a regular basis. Or they can even mark your email as Spam because they forgot who you are.

Moreover, if you keep a steady sending rhythm, that will keep your IP warm. This is important, especially if your email list is large.

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Email verifier guaranteed up to 99% delivery emails

Email verifier guaranteed up to 99% delivery emails

If bounce more than 5%, we’ll refund the difference. Free to get started. No credit card required.

If bounce more than 5%, we’ll refund the difference. Free to get started. No credit card required.