Canvas Email Verification Integration

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Canvas provides a simple, drag and drop tool for creating your own mobile forms (called Canvas Apps) that can be filled out by your employees on their mobile devices. Customize your own mobile inspections, work orders, time cards, invoices, waivers and much more. Instantly transmit your data to customers and colleagues to keep your business moving at the speed of digital.

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How this Canvas + TrueMail integration works

  • 1. Add new record to a Canvas account
  • 2. Zapier sends the email to be verified with TrueMail
  • 3. Zapier updates the existing Canvas record with TrueMail result code in a custom field

Apps involved

  • • Canvas
  • • TrueMail

Canvas Triggers

  • Form Names Dispatch.

    Get the names of forms available that have dispatch enabled.

  • New Submission.

    Triggers when a new submission is uploaded to Canvas for the specified app. You should have a submission to get the dynamic fields.

  • Test Connection.

    Test Connections.

  • Form Names.

    Get the names of forms available.

  • Example Submission.

    Returns an Example Submission.

  • Delete Dispatch.

    Deletes an existing Dispatch. You must know the "Description" of the Dispatch you want to delete.

  • Create Dispatch.

    Creates a Canvas Dispatch. Make sure Dispatch is enabled for your Canvas App.

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