FogBugz Email Verification Integration

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FogBugz is powerful hosted bug tracking software used to make great software by great teams.

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How this FogBugz + TrueMail integration works

  • 1. Add new record to a FogBugz account
  • 2. Zapier sends the email to be verified with TrueMail
  • 3. Zapier updates the existing FogBugz record with TrueMail result code in a custom field

Apps involved

  • • FogBugz
  • • TrueMail

FogBugz Triggers

  • New Case Event.

    Triggers when something happens to a case. The events that cause this trigger to fire can be customized. Note that the fields are and'ed. This trigger can be configured to only fire for cases in a named filter.

  • New Filter.

    Triggers when a new filter is created.

  • New Test Trigger.

    Just a test trigger for to verify their {account_name, token} returns a valid response from our XML API, which indicates that we are able to connect to their FBOD account successfully.

  • New Milestone.

    Triggers when a new milestone is created.

  • New Project.

    Triggers when a new project is created.

  • New Tag.

    Triggers when a new tag is created.

  • New Case (For Your Server).

    Triggers when a new case is opened. Note that the fields are and'ed. If your FogBugz site is running Ocelot and has more than 50,000 new cases per hour, some cases may be lost.

  • New Status.

    Triggers when a new status is created.

  • New Person (User).

    Triggers when a new person (user) is created.

  • New Category.

    Triggers when a new category is created.

  • New Area.

    Triggers when a new area is created in a project.

  • New Priority.

    Triggers when a new priority is created.

  • New Case in a Filter (For Your Server).

    If your filter takes too long to generate results or your filter has more than 50,000 cases and your FogBugz site is running Ocelot, this trigger will not work.

  • New Mailbox.

    Triggers when a new mailbox is created.

  • Create Project.

    Creates a new project.

  • Create Area.

    Creates a new area in the project of your choice.

  • Create Case.

    Creates a new case.

  • Create New User.

    Creates a new user.

  • Create Milestone.

    Creates a new project specific or global milestone.

  • Create Email from Case.

    Sends a new email from an existing case if the "correspondent" field has not been set.

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