LiquidPlanner Email Verification Integration

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LiquidPlanner is a breath of fresh air for online project management. Predictive scheduling, dynamic collaboration, and easy time tracking.

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How this LiquidPlanner + TrueMail integration works

  • 1. Add new record to a LiquidPlanner account
  • 2. Zapier sends the email to be verified with TrueMail
  • 3. Zapier updates the existing LiquidPlanner record with TrueMail result code in a custom field

Apps involved

  • • LiquidPlanner
  • • TrueMail

LiquidPlanner Triggers

  • New Or Changed Comment.

    A comment has been created or updated in your workspace

  • New Tasks.

    Get all tasks for a workspace

  • New Timesheets for Member.

    List of time sheets for a user in a workspace.

  • New Packages.

    List all of a workspace's packages.

  • New Links.

    List of links in the workspace.

  • New Events.

    List of events in a workspace

  • New Custom Fields.

    List of custom fields in a workspace.

  • New or Changed Document.

    A document has been created or updated in your workspace

  • New Projects.

    List all projects in a workspace

  • New Workspaces.

    all workspaces

  • New Milestones.

    List of milestones in a workspace

  • New Items.

    List all items in a workspace

  • New Clients.

    List of clients in the workspace

  • New Containers.

    List all containers in a workspace.

  • New or Changed Task.

    A new task has been created in your workspace!

  • New or Changed Package.

    Triggered when a package is created or updated in LP.

  • New or Changed Project.

    A project has been created or updated in your workspace.

  • New or Changed Client.

    This trigger will fire when a task is created or updated in your workspace.

  • New Activities.

    List all activities for the space.

  • New Comments.

    List of all comments in the workspace

  • New Members.

    List the members of the workspace

  • New Checklist Items.

    List of checklist items in the workspace

  • Create a Project.

    Create a new project

  • Create an Event.

    Create a full day event

  • Add a Comment to an Item.

    Add a comment to an item

  • Create Dependency.

    Create a Dependency between two items

  • Create a Package.

    Create a new package

  • Send Item Move After Command.

    Move an item after another

  • Update a Task.

    Update an existing task item.

  • Send Track Time via a Timer.

    Enter hours worked from a timer, update your estimate, add a comment, and restart the timer.

  • Create Checklist Item for a Task.

    Create a checklist item for a specific task.

  • Create a Note for an Item.

    Add a note to the item

  • Update a Link.

    Update a specific link for an item.

  • Create an Estimate for a Task.

    Estimate a specific task

  • Send Start Timer.

    Start a timer for a specific item

  • Trigger Submit Timesheet.

    Submit a specific timesheet.

  • Update an Event.

    Update an event.

  • Send Track Time.

    Update your estimate, track hours worked, and add a comment and/or note.

  • Send Stop Timer.

    Stop a timer for a specific item.

  • Send Item Move Before Command.

    Move an item before another

  • Update a Comment.

    Change a comment

  • Update a Partial Day Event.

    Update a partial day event.

  • Trigger Accept Timesheet.

    Accept a specific timesheet.

  • Trigger Un-accept Timesheet.

    Un-accept a specific timesheet.

  • Create Activity.

    Create a new activity for the workspace.

  • Create a Partial Day Event.

    Create a partial day event

  • Update a Milestone.

    Update a specific milestone.

  • Create a Folder.

    Create a new folder

  • Trigger Un-submit Timesheet.

    Un-submit a specific timesheet.

  • Create a Task.

    Create a new task in Liquid Planner.

  • Update a Checklist Item.

    Update a checklist item

  • Create a Milestone.

    Create a new milestone

  • Send Clear Timer.

    Clear the timer for a specific item

  • Create a Link for an Item.

    Add a link to an item

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