MonkeyLearn Email Verification Integration

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MonkeyLearn is an AI platform that allows you to classify and extract actionable data from raw texts like emails, chats, webpages, documents, tweets and more! You can classify texts with custom categories or tags like sentiment or topic, and extract any particular data like organizations or keywords.

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How this MonkeyLearn + TrueMail integration works

  • 1. Add new record to a MonkeyLearn account
  • 2. Zapier sends the email to be verified with TrueMail
  • 3. Zapier updates the existing MonkeyLearn record with TrueMail result code in a custom field

Apps involved

  • • MonkeyLearn
  • • TrueMail

MonkeyLearn Triggers

  • List My Classifiers.

    Lists custom classifiers created by the user.

  • List Classifiers.

    Lists premium classifiers and custom classifiers created by the user.

  • Train Model.

    Trains a MonkeyLearn classifier.

  • Extract Text.

    Extracts data from text. Eg: entities, keywords, etc.

  • Upload Samples.

    Uploads training samples to a classifier.

  • Classify Text.

    Classifies a text. Eg: topic, sentiment, etc.

  • Deploy Model.

    Deploys a MonkeyLearn classifier.

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