Run my Accounts Email Verification Integration

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How this Run my Accounts + TrueMail integration works

  • 1. Add new record to a Run my Accounts account
  • 2. Zapier sends the email to be verified with TrueMail
  • 3. Zapier updates the existing Run my Accounts record with TrueMail result code in a custom field

Apps involved

  • • Run my Accounts
  • • TrueMail

Run my Accounts Triggers

  • New Payments.

    Payments on accounts receivables

  • New Customers.

    Triggers new customers in Run my Accounts

  • New Invoices.

    Trigger to fetch newly created invoices

  • Create Customer.

    Create new customer

  • Create AR Invoice.

    A new accounts receivables invoice with one part and full customer information

  • Create AR Transaction.

    New accounts receivable transaction with full customer information

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