SpeechTrans Email Verification Integration

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Convert Speech to Text (Transcribe audio or video files) through Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) 44 languages, Convert Text to Speech (TTS). Translate text from one language to another.

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How this SpeechTrans + TrueMail integration works

  • 1. Add new record to a SpeechTrans account
  • 2. Zapier sends the email to be verified with TrueMail
  • 3. Zapier updates the existing SpeechTrans record with TrueMail result code in a custom field

Apps involved

  • • SpeechTrans
  • • TrueMail

SpeechTrans Triggers

  • New Dictation/Automatic Speech Recognition Request (ASR).

    Triggers when there is a new dictation.

  • New Human Powered Text to Speech .

    Triggers when new human powered text to speech occurs.

  • New Optical Character Recognition Request (OCR).

    Triggers when a new OCR (Optical Character Recognition) happens.

  • New Translation Language.

    Triggers when new translation language list requests.

  • New File Convert and Transcribe.

    Triggers when there is a New File Convert and Transcribe request.

  • New Keyword Extraction Request.

    Triggers when there is a new keyword extraction occurs.

  • New Text to Speech Request (TTS).

    Trigger when new TTS (Text to Speech) request has occured. Use this to send the auto generated wav file to any third party application.

  • New Surfi Intelligent Assistant.

    Triggers when a new surfi intelligent assistant occurs

  • New OCR Languages.

    Triggers when new OCR language list requests.

  • New Flight Track Request.

    Triggers when New flight tracking happens

  • New Human Transcription Languages.

    Triggers when new human transcription language list requests.

  • New Human Powered Translation.

    Triggers when new human powered translation occured.

  • New Intelliconference Phone Call Occured.

    Triggers when new SpeechTrans Intelliconference occured

  • New Live Interpreter.

    Triggers when new live interpreter happen.

  • New Data Analysis Language.

    Triggers when new data analysis language list requests.

  • New Test Trigger.

    Triggers when authenticating the user credentials

  • New Human Powered Transcription.

    Triggers when a new human powered transcription occurs.

  • New Text Translation Request.

    Triggers when there is a new translation.

  • New ASR Language List.

    ASR language codes

  • New Sentimental Analysis Request.

    Triggers when there is a new Sentimental analysis occurs.

  • New Automatic Language Detection and Translation.

    Triggers when new automatic language detection and translation happens

  • Create Dictation/Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).

    Creates an audio file transcription.

  • Create Human Powered Text to Speech.

    Creates a human audio file of the given text.

  • Create Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

    Create OCR that extracts the text from given image

  • Create File Convert and Transcribe.

    Creates an audio file conversion and transcription. The audio file can be any format.

  • Create Audio Translation.

    Recognizing the text from given audio and translate it to specified target language

  • Create Text to Speech (TTS).

    Creates an audio file from the text received

  • Create Advanced Text Translation.

    Create translation of the given text to targeted language without specifying source language.

  • Create Flight Tracker.

    Create Flight Tracker that provides details of specified flight number

  • Create Topic Extraction.

    Creates topic extraction and occurrence from the given text

  • Create Human Live Interpreter.

    Creates a new human live interpreter

  • Create Phone Call with Intelliconference Auto Dialer.

    Create Intelliconference that start a teleconference and add a participant. Press 1 during conference to enable translation for a single sentence or * to enable continuous automatic speech to speech translation.

  • Create Human Powered Transcription.

    Creates human powered transcription of given audio file.

  • Create Automatic Language Detection and Translation.

    Creates a new translation by identifying language of the source text automatically

  • Create Human Powered Translation.

    Creates new human powered translation

  • Create Text Translation.

    Create translation of the given text to targeted language

  • New Surfi Intelligent Assistant.

    Create surfi intelligent assistant that translates and answers user questions directly based on primary data sources (brochures, web pages, manuals, records, etc.)

  • Create Sentimental Analysis.

    Create sentimental analysis of given text

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