Streak Email Verification Integration

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Streak is a flexible CRM and process management system that lives inside your Gmail inbox.

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How this Streak + TrueMail integration works

  • 1. Add new record to a Streak account
  • 2. Zapier sends the email to be verified with TrueMail
  • 3. Zapier updates the existing Streak record with TrueMail result code in a custom field

Apps involved

  • • Streak
  • • TrueMail

Streak Triggers

  • Get Team.

    Internal use only.

  • Get Tasks on Box.

    Internal trigger, do not use.

  • Box Email Received Count Change.

    Triggers when the counter for emails received on a box changes.

  • New Box Email Address (Old).

    These are email addresses that have been added to a Streak box in some way.

  • Task Complete.

    Triggers when a Task is completed.

  • New Box (Old).

    Triggered when a new box is created or when a box is moved to a specific stage.

  • New Box.

    Triggered when a new box is created.

  • New Box Email Address.

    Triggers when a thread from a new email address is attached to a box.

  • New Comment.

    Triggers when a Comment is made on a Box in a Pipeline.

  • Updated Box.

    Triggers when a Field on a Box is updated.

  • Get Boxes on PIpeline.

    Internal trigger, do not use.

  • Box Change Pipeline.

    Triggers when a Box is moved between Pipelines.

  • New Task.

    Triggers when a Task is created.

  • Task Due.

    Triggers when a Task becomes due, but it not yet completed.

  • New Pipeline.

    Triggered when a new pipeline is created.

  • New Stage (Old).

    Triggers when a new stage is added to a pipeline.

  • Box Change Stage.

    Triggers when a box changes Stage.

  • New Stage.

    Triggers when a new stage is added to a pipeline.

  • Create Email Filter.

    Create an email filter that's part of a box.

  • Add Contact to Box.

    Checks for an existing contact based on email address. Creates a new contact or updates the existing contact and adds the contact to a specified box.

  • Link Boxes.

    Link multiple boxes together.

  • Create Comment.

    Create a comment on a box.

  • Edit Task.

    Edit a Task.

  • Create Task.

    Create a new Task on a Box.

  • Create New Box (Old).

    Create a new box.

  • Add Organization to Box.

    Checks for an existing organization based on website. Creates a new organization or updates the existing organization and adds the organization to a specified box.

  • Edit Box.

    Edit fields, stage, assigned to, name and notes on an existing box.

  • Create Meeting / Call Log.

    Create a new Meeting or Call Log on a box.

  • Create New Box.

    Create a new box.

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